Creating a plan before an emergency happens will help keep you and your pets safe!

Keep a Go Bag Ready

You’ll always want to have a go bag ready for your pet in the event you need to pack or change locations quickly. This Go Bag should include essentials such as:

  • Food bowl and food
  • A leash, collar and ID tags
  • Proof of pet ownership, vaccination and/or medical records
  • A first-aid kit
  • Medication (if your pet takes any)

Plan Ahead for Pet Friendly Dwellings

When its time make a move due to an emergency, time will be of the essence. Know ahead of time pet friendly options for places to stay… all from hotels to friends and relative’s homes.

Keep a list of Caregivers

If you’re separated from your pet at the time of a disaster, or find yourself unable to care for your animal during an emergency, consider who will provide care to your pet. Keeping a list of pet-sitters or those that may be able to care for your pet handy should be part of your preparation plan.

In the true event of an emergency, you may even need a pet caregiver to come to your home to retrieve your pet if you are unable to. Make sure that a backup key to your home is available for such an emergency should you not be able to get back to you home.

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